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New Connection

New connection application process is completed within 14 days from the date of application. Application forms for new connections are available at KIRWASCO Offices. The customer is guided on how to fill the form correctly and register completed form by our officers who are always available.

A survey of the customer premises is carried out to determine the requirements for the new connection within 7 days of registering the application forms and payment of the required fees. Our staff will inspect plumbing works done by the customer and connection will be effected within 1 day once the pipe laying works are completed and approved

Every customer is provided with a meter upon payment of a refundable deposit as per our tariffs. The deposit refund shall be payable within 1 month after closing of account.

During the installation of a new connection, the customer is provided with information explaining how to maintain the service line, what to do in case of water leaks and economical use of water.

The customer will then receive his or her first bill within 1 month from the connection date.


Customer Care OfficeA customer can make enquiries from the customer care desk, zonal officers, area managers or any KIRIWASCO office nearest to them.


  1. A duly filled application form obtained from KIRIWASCO

  2. A copy of title deed or a letter from local chief if there is no title deed.

  3. A copy of national ID / Passport

  4. Deposit of Ksh 1,500/= (Refundable upon connection termination.)

  5. Works of Ksh 2,500/= (Non refundable)

  6. KRA pin certificate

  7. A letter from project officials


A customer is supposed to present the above items to the registration office and pay the monies to authorised cash office only. He or she is then issued with official receipts and a connection number. Installation is thereafter done.


Payments as indicated above are paid prior to installation of meter.

Calculation of the bill of consumed water is done according to the gazetted tariffs of water act no. 8 of 2002 in the Kenya Gazette notice no. 5581.

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