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Catchment Area

Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro.I t is located on the equator 180 Km north of Nairobi. It is a solitary mountain of volcanic origin with a base diameter of about 120 Km. Its broad cone shape reaches an altitude of 5199 m with deeply incised U-shaped valleys in the upper parts.

Mount Kenya plays a critical role in water catchment for the country and is one of the five main “water towers” of Kenya with Aberdare Range, Mau Complex, Cherangani Hills and Mt Elgon, all providing most of the nation’s water.It is a vital source of water for the area’s agriculture, fisheries and livestock production and is strategic to the country’s economic development

KIRIWASCO draws all its water supply from Mt. Kenya in its natural pure form from the following rivers:.

  1. River Rundu
  2. River Rutui
  3. River Mukengeria
  4. River Ragati
  5. River Kururu
  6. River Thiba
  7. River Rwamuthambi

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