• Billing and Bill Distribution
    Billing and Bill Distribution
  • Billing and Bill Distribution
    Billing and Bill Distribution

Kiriwasco provides an accurate billing system through an internationally recognized and secure billing process that complies with the best billing practice and bills distribution principles.
This includes:

  1. Monthly meter readings.
  2. Requesting customers to allow KIRIWASCO staff to access all meters at all times for the purpose of meter reading and maintenance.
  3. Timely bill production within a 30 days billing cycle.
  4. Bills are posted or delivered to customers within 5 days after production.
  5. Making our tariffs easy to understand and providing all the detail(s) needed.
  6. We work with the customer to correct any problem, and take action for any billing problem.
  7. We allow the customer to lodge any complaints regarding errors on their bills to the KIRIWASCO offices within 3 months, after which the complaint will not be valid.
  8. Complaints on erroneous bills are acted upon within 5 days. However, in special instances, this period varies depending on the nature of investigations required, in which case, the customer is regularly updated on the progress made.

Payment For Services

We make it easier for our customers to make payments by:

  1. Sending bills with notification indicating customer’s position of indebtedness
  2. Reminding customers to settle their bills though media announcements
  3. Providing a range of payment options which include cash and cheques
  4. Requesting customers to accompany payments with the latest bill to provide details of accounts.
  5. Giving 14 days notice on the monthly bill to disconnect customers who are in arrears.
  6. Billing on the actual consumption after cut-off, after which no billing will be done.
  7. Allowing customers to request in writing to transfer any credit balance on one account to offset a debit balance of another account under the same customer name.
  8. Allowing a customer to have access to his/her detailed statement of account at all times during office hours.
  9. KIRIWASCO expects all its services to be paid for and advises both its current and potential customers to refrain from the act of:
    1. Consuming water illegally
    2. Tampering with the KIRIWASCO’s facilities, including water meters
    3. Water meter by-passes

These acts may lead to heavy fines and/or imprisonment as prescribed by the law.


Our customer policy aims at discouraging the disconnection of our services, but rather using all available means that give the customer the opportunity to pay. These include:

  1. Sending reminders through electronic and print media campaigns encouraging prompt payment of bills.
  2. Bills posted accompanied by a caution to pay and 14 clear days given to the customer within which he/she should have paid the bill.
  3. Once in a while carry out physical visits to encourage customers to pay.
  4. Confirm that the customers have not paid before issuing the disconnection orders.
  5. Effect disconnection as the very last resort.
  6. During disconnection, if a customer produces proof of payment such as receipts, effect the re-connection of service.
  7. First disconnection to be effected through a rubber seal or plug.
  8. Failure to pay within 1 month, a disconnection from the mains to be effected.


Reconnection will be carried out after:

  1. Full payment of the amount due
  2. Part payment and signing of Agreement or Promissory Note to pay the
    balance through instalments
  3. Payment of reconnection fees as per our tariffs



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